The Overlay a poker podcast

Episode 35: Super Deepstack Tournament Tips

December 03, 2020 CCG poker Radio Season 2 Episode 35
The Overlay a poker podcast
Episode 35: Super Deepstack Tournament Tips
Show Notes

Super Deepstack tournaments include large starting stacks with very deep player-friendly structures. What changes does a poker player have to make when the blind levels are low, and you start with a massive chip stack? Should you be playing more aggressively, or error towards the conservative side? Do you change your betting amounts because you have so many chips to start?

The Overlay gives their top three tips for super deepstack tournament play. 

This episode is brought to you by The STACK tournament series at Paramount Social Club in Houston, Texas.  Besides being one of our podcast sponsors, Paramount offers one of the deepest tournaments in all of Texas... so deep they had to reinforce the tables due to the number of chips in play! 

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