The Overlay a poker podcast

Pondering the Play: The Art of Tanking

January 11, 2024 The Overlay a poker podcast Season 2 Episode 94
The Overlay a poker podcast
Pondering the Play: The Art of Tanking
Show Notes

Episode 94: Pondering the Play: The Art of Tanking 

In this episode of "The Overlay: a Poker Podcast," we scrutinize the controversial practice of tanking. Is it a strategic move or a manipulative tactic? Join our hosts as they explore the downsides of prolonged decision-making at the poker table. From slowing down the game to frustrating opponents, discover the potential pitfalls of relying too heavily on the art of tanking.

Whether you're a fan of swift gameplay or believe in the power of contemplation, this episode unravels the debate around the merits and drawbacks of Tanking. Tune in for a balanced discussion on the contentious topic that divides the poker community.

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